Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Show us - What are you doing this summer?

As you begin taking your much needed summer vacations, when you return why don't you make a video to show what you did this summer? You like the idea but don't know where to start... 

Did you know in Richland School District Two every teacher, student, and staff member has access to WeVideo? It is an amazing cloud video editor. All you have to do is go to the WeVideo website and click login at the top right of the page. Then simply log in using your Google login (same thing you use for email). The best part is if you are logged in to your district google account all you have to do is click login and it connects your account with 2 clicks. :) Easy peasy!

Now you are saying, "But I have no idea on how to use WeVideo!" They have that covered too. Just simply learn on demand with the WeVideo Academy. This is a wonderful YouTube channel filled with tutorials and examples of all of the things you can do with WeVideo. 


So here is a challenge for you .... I will share my summer if you share yours... Join me on this blog again in August with your video links ready to share. Have a great summer!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Richland Two's SC Midlands Summit - AWESOME!

This year's SC Midlands Summit was AWESOME. We had roughly 600 participants representing not only Richland School District Two but 31 other school districts and 9 states. What a great opportunity to expand your network! 

We would like to thank everyone who attended, presented, and volunteered for the SC Midlands Summit. Also a special thank you to the staff at Blythewood High School the facility and staff were amazing.  Mrs. Melody Cooke-McDuffie kept the facility moving and met all of our needs with enthusiasm and joy. She made it easy for us!

Over two days there were over 130 sessions and 3 amazing keynote speakers. Attendees had an opportunity to earn up to 14 hrs of renewal credit.  What were people saying about the SC Midlands Summit?
"I loved the plethora of choices for all of the sessions. There was also a wonderful variety between the sessions. It was hard to pick just one to go to, as there were so many sessions that interested me!"
"There were ample areas to choose from!!! For me, a special needs teacher, there were LOADS of sessions that I felt could benefit my classroom and students. This doesn't usually happen unless I'm at a conference specifically designed to help Special Educators. I loved that there was also lots of vendors there to talk with and begin networking with as well."  
"I like the vast amount of sessions that were offered. It was really hard to choose. There was no way you attend just one! :)"
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Congratulations to Marriah Schwallier, DEN Star

Congratulations to Marriah Schwallier for becoming a DEN Star with the Discovery Education Network! 

What is a DEN Star?
A global community of education professionals that are passionate about transforming the learning experience with digital media, the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) connects members across town and around the world through social media, virtual conferences and in-person events — fostering valuable networking, idea-sharing and inspiration.

If you are passionate about transforming learning experiences with digital media, sharing resources, collaborating, and networking we invite you to take the next step in the DEN. Become a STAR Discovery Educator. It's easy. Just remember STAR:

– Share something you've learned  about using Discovery Education resources with your colleagues

– Teach your colleagues about this idea or strategy

A – Assist your colleagues as they implement this idea or strategy

– Report what you've done

Would you like to be interested in becoming a DEN Star? Log in to your Discovery Education Account and click on Discovery Education Network on the left navigation.