Monday, October 29, 2012

Richland Two is a Project RED Signature District

We’re excited to announce that Richland Two has been chosen as one of 20 Project RED Signature Districts nationwide. Project RED conducted a comprehensive national study on the link between instructional technology usage and student achievement. In the study of 1000 schools and districts, the Project RED team found that technology, when properly implemented, does improve student achievement and have a cost savings benefit.

The team identified nine key implementation factors which will lead to improved student achievement. The key factors in rank order of predictive strength are:

  1. Intervention classes: Technology is integrated into every intervention class period.
  2. Change management leadership by principal: Leaders provide time for teacher professional learning and collaboration at least monthly.
  3. Online collaboration: Students use technology daily for online collaboration (games/simulations and social media).
  4. Core subjects: Technology is integrated into core curriculum weekly or more frequently.
  5. Online formative assessments: Assessments are done at least weekly.
  6. Student-computer ratio: Lower ratios improve outcomes.
  7. Virtual field trips: With more frequent use, virtual trips are more powerful. The best schools do these at least monthly.
  8. Search engines: Students use daily.
  9. Principal training: Principals are trained in teacher buy-in, best practices, and technology-transformed learning.

As a Signature District, our 1TWO1 Design Team will be working closely with the Project RED team to develop a detailed project management plan and implement the key factors. Many of our principals and assistant principals are attending monthly professional learning opportunities to learn about the key factors and how to implement them in their schools. Our school instructional technology specialists are also identifying resources and providing professional learning experiences that will assist teachers in implementing the key factors.

With the support of our Getting to Outcomes (GTO) evaluation team from the University of South Carolina and the Project RED team, we know that we will achieve our desired outcome of improved student learning. As surveys, classroom observations, focus group information, and student achievement data is analyzed, we will share the results with our readers.