Monday, March 24, 2014

Technology Spotlight - Kailey Shin, Richland Northeast High School

Ms. Shin attended a professional development conducted by Sharon Owens, the Technology and Learning Coach for Richland Northeast High School on using Kahoot! as a means of engaging students and formative assessment. She was excited to try this with her Algebra 1 Part 2 students. The Kahoot! lesson was on transformations in the coordinate plane. It was a pre-assessment to her student's knowledge of the topic as her class is working on HSAP review. 100% of her students participated. The students who answered correctly high-fived other students. It was exciting to see their interaction with others and listen to the comments the students made as they saw which students moved up in the scoreboard.

Kailey Shin was born in Canada and moved to Michigan when she was 5 years old. She received her degree from Michigan State University with a Major in Math, a Minor in Physics, and also completed her teaching certification through their Teacher Ed program. She moved to North Carolina after she graduated. She taught for 4 years in North Carolina and moved to South Carolina this past summer. This is her first year teaching at Richland Northeast High School.

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