Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Technology Spotlight - Jennifer Johnson, Bridge Creek Elementary

Welcome to a new portion of the i3 blog. We are spotlighting teachers, administrators, and staff who are using technology in creative or effective ways in your school. Our first spotlight is for Mrs. Jennifer Johnson is a third grade teacher at Bridge Creek Elementary.

Mrs. Johnson motivates her students by involving them in innovative projects using Google Apps. Recently she used the Google Drawing with her Social Studies Unit of study on The Revolutionary War. Students researched important battles, and heroes and heroines of the Revolutionary War. They used the Drawing to insert a picture of their battle or hero. The students then inserted text describing the importance of the event or person along with an interesting fact. Students learned how to search Google for images, save the image and insert it into Drawing. They also learned how to insert shapes, text boxes and change fonts and colors. Mrs. Johnson will present her project at an upcoming faculty meeting to inspire others to use Google Apps. Here is an example of student work.

If you have someone you would like to spotlight please contact your school level ITS.

*Google Drawing is located inside of your Google Drive. If you click 'create' you will see it as an option. Want to learn more about Google Drawing? See the Google Support page