Monday, April 15, 2013

Summer of Learning - Academics is looking for presenters for the Summer Institute

Sure, you will have the opportunity to put your toes in the sand this summer but we know you will be hungry to learn as well. This summer is full of opportunities for educators to learn as well as share what you know. Look at all of the opportunities! 

June 11-12
 July 29 29-30
 Summer Design Institute Westwood High, Rm 403/405
 June 12-13 SC Midlands Summit
 Westwood High School
  June 24-26 TiNspire Regional Institute Spring Valley High School
 June 25-27 Summer Professional Learning Westwood High School
 June 9-11 Summer Professional Learning Westwood High School
 July 29-31
 August 1
 August 5-6
 New to Two: The Richland Two Experience Westwood High School
 July 23-25 PBL Institute Wetswood High School

Summer Professional Learning is looking for presenters for the July sessions. Do you have something you want to share in regards to our focus on Common Core integrated with Technology and/or Design? If so please fill out the presenter proposal form by April 19.

If you are looking to learn, be sure to check in PDExpress for sessions to become available.