Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Technology Spotlight - Margaret Roberson, Blythewood High School

Margaret Roberson has been teaching at Blythewood High School for a year after teaching at Lee Central High School in Bishopville South Carolina. Margaret is married and the mother of two children, Hunter and Madeline. She earned her BFA in Art education from the University of South Carolina in 2009. Prior to attending USC, she studied art at Montgomery College in Maryland and the University of Louisville in Kentucky while spending part of her 13 years in the Retail industry as a Operations and Sales Managers. Margaret is the sponsor of the National Art Honor Society at Blythewood High School, and recently won the sponsor to the year award.

Mrs. Roberson's 2D Art students begin using Blogger to create portfolios so when they reach AP Art they will have a collection to help them create a portfolio for submission to the AP Board. Roberson's students learn to photograph their own work, and then they learn to describe, analyze, and interpret this work--as well as other works of art. As students move into the upper level classes, they will use the blogs more and more to interact with art. Roberson says, "As they look for ways to improve their art work and make connections to other artists, they become a part of the art world." A student, Justin says, "Using the blogs allowed me to look and compare ideas and techniques that I might not find in the classroom, as well as share with people beyond the classroom."

Click on the links below to visit the student blogs.