Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mystery Date- Speed Dating Tech Style PD Session @ Blythewood High

Who says Professional Learning isn't fun? Today at Blythewood High School the teachers shared with other teachers on what technology activities work in their classrooms by Speed Dating. No, not actually dating but teacher presenters were set up in a speed dating style to share for 4 minutes with a group of about 4 teachers before the participants moved to another table and topic.

The a few of the topics covered 
  • Classroom management ideas
  • A technology tool
  • A great lesson that worked well
  • A great project that worked well
  • A way to manage student work
  • A way to manage with a sub in a 1:1 classroom
  • A way to easily grade/assess online work
  • Classroom assessments 
  • and more....
This event was a collaboration between Blythewood and Ridge View High Schools. The Technology and Learning Coaches, Tami Lenker (BH) and Cheryl Hunter (RVHS), as well as the Blythewood media specialists, Amy Whitfield and Crystal Smith, enlisted the help of not only teachers at each school but other school-based Technology and Learning Coaches, District staff, and a former Richland 2 teacher, Lissa Layman presenting via Google+Hangout from Kuwait  to present to the teachers at Blythewood High School. Blythewood High School teachers will be given the opportunity to present to Ridge View teachers later this semester when the event will be replicated at Ridge View High School.

The event was promoted with the video below. How could you not be excited to attend?

Teachers left with a few WOW moments from Mystery Date stations about Challenge Boards, Kahoot!, WeVideo, Today's Meet, and interactive storyboards. 

Exit slips were given to teachers to provide feedback and future needs. One of the questions was "I will use _________ very soon this way.... 
Responses from teachers:
"I will use WeVideo for student created infomercials on topics."
"I will use Kahoot! instead of just lecturing."
"I will use VoiceThread for student reflections on performances."

This event was a great success but beyond the learning, Blythewood and Ridge View High schools are fostering collaboration between both schools and creating a local network of teachers to help them grow as professionals. 

Contact Tami LenkerCheryl HunterAmy Whitfield, or Crystal Smith to find out how you can try this at your school!

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