Thursday, March 7, 2013

Acrocity: Building the City of the Future with the Knowledge of the Past

*Welcome guest blogger, Danielle Elliott- Smith from Muller Road Middle School. 

Our 6th grade team has worked on an interdisciplinary unit in which students had to integrate their knowledge of science, social studies, math, and language arts in order to create a futuristic city using the building techniques of the ancient world. Students had to design a building using elements of Greek and Roman architecture and integrating one of the six simple machines that they learned about in science class.  After students created their building using all recycled materials, they had to photograph their projects using their iPads and use an app of their choice to highlight the geometric elements present in their structure.  Students also had to submit a Keynote presentation demonstrating not only their knowledge of the six simple machines but also how those simple machines were used in the ancient world to accomplish great feats of engineering.  In language arts, students are working to create brochure guides to Acrocity, the city built from all of the buildings designed and built by our 6th grade students at Muller Road Middle School. The sixth grade team --Danielle Elliott-Smith, Terry Atkins, Tina Lewis, and Kristy McIntyre
Student Project Pieces