Monday, March 25, 2013

Technology Spotlight - Rebecca Velasquez

Rebecca Velasquez is a ELA/English 1 Instructor at the Center for Accelerated Preparation. 
Rebecca has been teaching for nine years in smaller learning communities. She loves the 1TWO1 classroom. "It helps students organize their work, and being able to send reminders is a plus."  

According to Teresa Counts-Davis, in Ms. Velasquez's class, the "CAP Scholars use Google docs for peer review and collaboration, along with Google presentations and Prezi. CAP Scholars prefer working with the Chromebooks, than with printed materials. They especially utilize the research that is at their fingertips. CAP Scholars are more confident that the assignments completed meet the academic requirements."

Example of Student work:
Students created a virtual exhibit on the Harlem Renaissance for Black History Month. They used books and internet resources to research prominent artists of the time and created a presentation to showcase their work.